Why Does Ebay Automatically Put Best Offer Option

Why does ebay automatically put best offer option

· In the past week or so, I've received a few emails from eBay indicating that the "best offer" option has been turned on automatically. I do not want to list items as "best offer" - and always turn the option off when I'm writing the listing.

In My eBay: Messages - opens in new window or tab, find the message from the buyer and select Reply with offer.; Change the offer price to the amount you and the buyer have discussed.

Why does ebay automatically put best offer option

The offer can be higher or lower than the price of the item. Clearly summarize the details of your offer in the Message to buyer section, including any additional shipping costs. · I created the listing, and what do you know, eBay has included Best Offer. I hate Best Offer and never include it in my listings. I use the "Revise your item" option and just like the new listing interface, it is very stripped down and there is now way to remove the Best Offer option. It would appear that eBay is shoving Best Offer down our.

When you add the Best Offer option to your eBay listings, you're inviting buyers to negotiate with you. After a buyer makes an offer, you can choose to accept, decline, or make a counteroffer. If you want to encourage buyers interested in your items to make a purchase, you can also send them offers.

· What is the deal with the best offer option? I just listed four items. None of the listing pages had the option to add the best offer option but the first 3 automatically ended up with the best offer and the fourth did not.

They are listed in the same category. Why can't Ebay just leave things a. · A simple one, which does not have the best offer option, and an advanced one, which does. To start using the advanced selling interface, click "sell", like you're going to list an item, but instead of typing in an item description click on "Switch to.

Someone has something listed for $ I offered $ Offer declined. I offered $ Offer declined. Its not auto declined either. No counter offers or anything. Why even put best offer if you're not willing to go down on price? Accept your offer: Just like any other sale on eBay, you’re obliged to pay the amount you offered. However, immediate payment is not required when the Best Offer option is used in a listing; Reject your offer: You can still make another one (up to 5 on most items and 10 in most vehicles categories).

Not all listings have the option to make an offer, but you can filter your search results to find sellers who do accept offers. When you're searching for the item you'd like to buy, you can select Accepts offers at the top of the search results to see listings with Best Offer. You can also use Advanced search to find Best Offer listings.

· For each offer, you have the choice of accepting it (resulting in the item’s sale), rejecting it, or giving the buyer a counter-offer. You can also set your listing up to automatically accept or reject offers within certain price ranges.

Why Does Ebay Automatically Put Best Offer Option: An Insider’s Guide To The EBay Best Offer Selling Option ...

For more information, see our detailed article on eBay Best Offers. Auction-style formats Auction. Twice this week I have had a number of (over 10) my listings changed to add this 'best offer' option.

I have just contacted eBay to see if I have a choice on this change to my listings or if I can opt out. I was told I cannot opt out, unless I maunally change each listing that has been changed by eBay. The Best Offer option allows you to accept offers from buyers and negotiate a price with them.

You can use Best Offer on fixed price and Classified Ad listings, and in eBay Motors. Best Offer isn't available for auction-style listings. · The eBay "BEST OFFER" option is supposed to allow the eBay buyer and seller to negotiate a lower price.

The negotiation begins with the seller choosing to use the BEST OFFER option on a fixed price or store inventory listing. Then the buyer makes an offer to the seller using the formal BEST OFFER system. A few weeks ago, Ebay automatically applied 'Best Offer' to all my auction listings (without my consent): despite feeling a bit annoyed that Id neither been told or asked if Ebay could amend my listings, it worked quite well and I sold a few things so would like to continue to list in this manner.

Offer to buyers is a feature that allows sellers to send offers to potential buyers for eligible listings.

Best offer option not showing up with fixed price. - eBay

Offer to buyers enables sellers to target buyers already interested in their items to help sellers increase sales and keep buyers coming back. With offer to buyers sellers. Is there a way to prevent eBay from adding automatically a Best Offer option on my listing after a few days?

Why you should think twice before accepting best offers on eBay!

Been selling again on eBay (Haven't sell on it for a few years) and I've posted around 15 items and want to keep posting some more but - eBay automatically add a Best Offer option on all my active items after a while.

I do not do best offer unless i want to add and ebay is after a xx days automatically adding best offer. And i have to manually change this each individual item to no best offer.I did not list my other item to ebay fear of every time they will add best offer and i have to.

Ebay automatically add the Best Offer option on Listings. The Sellers can ignore any Offers if they choose to do so. I noticed there is a box to tick for that option to go on a listing. With the immediate payment option on eBay, a listing is still available until a buyer completes the purchase. This is especially useful when you’re selling time-sensitive items, like tickets to a concert or sporting event.

Why does ebay automatically put best offer option

2 min article; Fees for using PayPal. We don’t charge fees for using PayPal on eBay. **** of and just put the offer in the box you knob.

People are stupid. or, trying to do a deal off-ebay which saves you both ebay and PP fees so you can knock a few quid off the asking price and. Sellers on eBay can use the Best Offer option any time they list a fixed-price item. When the seller selects this option, you’ll see the Make Offer button on a listing, which should indicate to you that you’re dealing with a seller who’s motivated to sell.

When you add the best offer option to your eBay listings, you’re inviting buyers to negotiate with you. After a buyer makes an offer, you can choose to accept, decline, or make a counteroffer. If you want to encourage buyers interested in your items to make a purchase, you can also send them offers.

Find your listing in My eBay - opens in new window or tab or Seller Hub - opens in new window or tab. From More actions, select Revise.

Change the price, then select Revise it. Adding Best Offer to your listings. Let your buyers know you’re willing to negotiate by adding Best Offer to your listing. This allows you to work out a price that’s. · An Insider’s Guide to the eBay Best Offer Selling Option. Posted on xn----8sbelb9aup5ak9a.xn--p1ai under: eBay, Tips - for the eBay Seller | Tags: accept or decline best offer, eBay Best Offer option, eBay Make Offer, How to use eBay Best Offer | What is the eBay Best Offer option?

eBay’s Best Offer option (also known as ” Make Offer ” from the buyer’s perspective) is an option eBay. TL;DR - eBay and UPS have some kind of "3rd party" partnership (aka blackhole) where they have a shipping account they make you think is the better option through your selling options. I wasn't allowed to add insurance and when a claim was "paid out", it didn't go to me and both are denying to help since it's "the third party" issue.

When an item sells with Best Offer, are the remaining buyers who made offers notified? When a Best Offer is accepted, all remaining buyers are automatically declined by the Best Offer system. How does a buyer know if an item sold using Best Offer? For single quantity items, the Best Offer price the item sold for will appear on View item.

To see your bidding history, go to My eBay and select Bids/Offers - opens in new window or tab. There you'll find any items you're currently bidding on, items you bid on but didn't win, and any Best Offers you've made. If you want to delete your bidding history, check the box next to items you'd like to remove and select Delete. · An item I'm looking at, on ebay has a buy-it-now price, and also Best Offer option so I put in three best offers, one after the other, and in each case-- the offer was INSTANTLY declined.

The last best offer I put in was only $1 less than the buy-it-now price (this is a low ticket item). · On xn----8sbelb9aup5ak9a.xn--p1ai, one of the best way to save money is by utilizing eBay’s Best Offers feature that allows a buyer to make their ‘best offer’ on a listed item, and give the seller the option to xn----8sbelb9aup5ak9a.xn--p1ai feature can save you time and money as a buyer, but it’s not quite as simple as it seems.

Unsurprisingly, sellers aren’t so easily willing to let go of their items for prices lower than. · I don’t always decline offers. But, a lot of the offers I receive are 50% off the asking price. I will give some discount, but I’m not going to give a 50% discount.

I’m not likely to give a 30% discount unless we’re closing an item out. Consumers.

If eBay sellers almost always decline offers, why do they ...

How does Best Offer work? You can choose the Best Offer option when you list your item for sale on eBay. With Best Offer, you give buyers a chance to negotiate the price with you.

Is there a way to prevent eBay from adding automatically a ...

Each Best Offer is good for up to 48 hours. A Best Offer is binding, just like any other bid. There is no charge to use Best Offer. If you are selling an item with a fixed price, you can choose the Best Offer option when you list your item for sale on eBay.

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With Best Offer, you give buyers a chance to negotiate the price with you. Each Best Offer is good for up to 48 hours. A Best Offer is binding, just like any other bid. There is no charge to use Best Offer. · People with a lot more listings would find that onerous, and a best offer option would make that a lot easier.

Also, most of my items are pretty small, and I don't mind if they sit around for months before selling. But people who want to unload things quicker, or don't have much storage space are well served by the best offer.

· If you’re using eBay’s advanced listing tool, scroll to the “Selling Details” section and enable the Let Buyers Make Offers option. When you do, the Automatically Decline Offers Lower Than option will become available. Select it, and then click in the box beside it and enter your price limit. · Sellers have added the Best Offer option to open the door for negotiating, but there are a few things buyers should understand before making an offer on eBay.

Why Sellers Make Best Offer Available Variable value determination: Some items are a challenge to determine a value for. An eBay Store is your all-in-one online-business solution to get more out of the eBay marketplace and millions of buyers.

eBay Stores create a central shopping destination where buyers can learn more about you and your merchandise. Get exclusive marketing and merchandising tools. The best offer option will get automatically added on to listings that are considered to be underperforming.

If your listing has been up for 10 days and isn’t doing well the best offer option will be added on to try and draw more interest. You are not forced to accept any offers that are made.

The order is determined based on sales over impressions, so the best performers get the prime placements.

Why best offer when you won't accept offers? - The eBay ...

Large inventory sets: If offer is a storewide offer or maps to multiple categories, Promotions Manager fetches the other items in the offer for the same category and then displays the item based on popularity (impressions / sales). An identifier for a Best Offer is automatically created by eBay once a prospective buyer makes a Best Offer on a Best Offer-enabled listing. If a BestOfferID value is supplied in the call request, any ItemID or BestOfferStatus values will be ignored.

Only the Best Offer identified by the BestOfferID value will be returned. BestOfferStatus. · Item listed at $35 Buy it Now or Best Offer. Offer him $25 - Declined. Offer him $27 - Declined. Offer him $30 - Counteroffer of $ $1 discount does not count as a "Best Offer" Seems like such a waste of everyone's time if you post the option of Best Offer but aren't actually willing to take anything less than your asking price. · On my Store items, this is a different story. Even though I specifically state that I do not accept offers, I get a request to do so at least once daily.

If eBay just ''threw'' a Best Offer button on anything (they deem) to be overpriced, I would spend all day answering lowball e-mail offers. Why you'll love selling on eBay We'll help you get started Sell right from your phone Seller success stories eBay’s response to COVID Why you'll love selling on eBay.

· eBay auctions accept bids only for a specific amount of time. In a traditional non-eBay auction, bidders frantically place competing bids. When bidding slows to nothing, the auctioneer pounds the gavel and the item is sold. On eBay, auctions are open to bids for exactly 1, 3, 5, 7, or 10 days.

When time is up, the high bidder wins, even if. · If you have best offers on your eBay listings currently they’re not showing in My eBay.

Why does ebay automatically put best offer option

Although you may be seeing “With Offers (0)” it’s possible you have outstanding offers waiting to be. On a fixed price multiple quantity listing, if you send an offer to 4 watchers and one accepts, do the other 3 watchers still have the option to accept the offer as well? Answer: Yes! The other watchers can accept as long as the listing is still open and the offer time has not passed (48hr). · Search for and Make an Offer. Sellers of fixed-price items can opt to accept offers from buyers.

If you're the kind of shopper that likes to make offers, use the eBay advanced search tool and check the "Best Offer" option to see only items for which sellers are accepting xn----8sbelb9aup5ak9a.xn--p1ai make an offer on an item, click the "Make Offer" button in the item listing to send an offer to the seller and. For buyers: Make many offers—You can send offers for similar items to different sellers at the same time.; Compare and get the best deal—When a seller accepts your offer, it's up to you to decide if you want to buy the item.; No commitments until checkout—Remember, it's still available to other buyers until you pay or commit to xn----8sbelb9aup5ak9a.xn--p1ai't wait too long, or you'll miss out!

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